Monday, November 15, 2010

lets try.. its fun!!!

Wanna Know Ur Laptop GENDER?

1. Open Notepad. Click Start > All Program > Accessories > Notepad

2. Copy and paste this code in the notepad.

Diz code ----> CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"IloveYOU"
(watever u wan ur laptop 2 say)

3. Save it as iLu.vbs (the extension is the key, what name u wanna put is not a matter.. diz extension --> " .vbs ") Save it on the Desktop or other location that you like. Make sure you remember the location!!

4. Click on the file and hear your laptop/computer voice for the first time.
(klu dgr sore laki, so lappy u adelah boy..)

result :  errkkk actually unhappy to know that my lappy is a GIRL... =(( 
i want BOYYYYY lorrr...muaahhhhahahhaha


  1. my, da try xleh bukak pon file die..=(

  2. epin: hahha... ak rase mcm sume pom jek!

    lysa: erkkk kenapekah x buleh?? mst buleh..try wat lg.. ngeh3.. cara save salah kot


student tanye cikgu jawab =))