Sunday, January 16, 2011

empty chair

seyesly... today i huv no mood..
no talking... no bebeling wif my singing.... no tv..
i'm wake up after sleep on 3 a.m.. & looked at my face at snow white mirror..aargghhh d eye is like a panda eyes..sigh~ y??  coz last nite i was cried..cried and cried...
today, i just do my daily duty (sweeping & hanging clothes )
no talking again...  at 12 o'clock- go to kitchen n cooked for my abah's luch.. hoho..
i'm fully mengelamun till forgot to packing my own stuff...sigh~
i think i'm not so good to someone that I love... m i useless?? worst?? (to much) hoho...
yes dats y i be like "empty chair"..

p/s: go back to uum tonite.. hope i huv a safe journey..


student tanye cikgu jawab =))